Launch of!

12 May

The launch of the Speak it Parent blog is official!

You and I are living busy, tiring, and often times hilarious lives… especially as parents of little ones. Most of us are endeavoring to parent the best way we can. We want our kids to be all that God created them to be, and we try to lean on Him for strength and guidance. We want to be successful in all areas of life, but especially as parents. Our heart-felt desire at the end of the day is to know that we are good parents.

Like you, I find my self often going to God and His Word to get encouragement, reassurance, and guidance on parenting… getting spiritual food for my life as a parent.

My heart’s desire is that will become a place where you can get that refreshing and replentishing spiritual food for life as a parent. It is not going to be a blog where we talk about the how-tos of parenting…. please….I am definately not the person to go to for that! But it is a blog that goes to God’s Word to get refreshed, uplifted, and encouraged as a parent.

Join me on this journey as we go to God and His Word to get refreshed and replentished as parents! Sign-up for the email subscription! To start out, I plan on posting 3 blogs a week… Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

SPEAK IT!: Lord, I want to be the parent that you created me to be. Give me strength and encouragement from you Word and the Holy Spirit to raise my children to best way possible! 


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