SPEAK IT!: My children will influence and lead

14 May

What have you confessed about your children’s future lately?

The other day I drove by the local middle school, that my daughter will one day attend, and I had the thought ,”Oh, no… the middle school years, man those are going to be hard years for Ella…”. But as soon as I had that thought, I recognized that it was not what I wanted to confess about her middle school years, so I took it captive, and adjusted my confession.

To counter the negative thought, I boldly said (while driving in my car), “Ella’s middle school years are going to be so blessed. She is going to be a confident, influential young girl who lives for the Lord and makes the gospel attractive to her friends.” Of course I understand that there are different seasons we all go through in life and many times the middle school season is a little awkward. However, I believe that God desires that our children be confident, influential, and strong in their faith even during somewhat awkward transitional seasons.

As parents we need to understand the power of our words and make sure that our words line up with the Word of God. Deuteronomy 28 talks about how God promises that we will lead and not follow, and I believe that that promises applies to our children too.

Let’s start confessing the right things over our children’s futures. Our words really do have power, so let’s make sure we speak what God speaks!

SPEAK IT!: My children will lead and not follow. The will be influential for Christ in their generation. During all the seasons and transitional times of of their life: elementary, middle, high school, college, and beyond – they will remain confident in who they are in Christ and have influence in their peer group. Thank-you for this promise, Lord. I believe it will come to pass!


One Response to “SPEAK IT!: My children will influence and lead”

  1. marcie willsea May 14, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    I totally agree. We never went through the terrible twos as we confessed terrific twos over our babies. As of yet we have not experienced terrible or rebellious teenagers, and will not, as we confess terrific teenagers and they will, and do, love the Lord their God with all their soul, spirit, and body.

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