Breathe: when naps are short

18 May

I don’t know about you, but oftentimes I find myself a quite overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a parent. It is a important job, and many times I feel like I do not have what it takes!

And sometimes it just doesn’t go right. Naps are short. Patience is thin. Tasks don’t get done. Nights are sleepless. House is a mess. Forget dinner…. the end of the day comes and you are whipped!

A couple months ago, after reflecting on one of those days that just did not go well, I realized that I had not asked for God’s help or relied on God’s grace to be a parent. As a minister, when I go into work/church I am constantly asking God for help and relying on his grace to minister to the college-age students that I lead, why was I not doing that as a mom?! …. it was a major “duhhh” and “ah-ha” moment!

As parents we can not do this on our own! I have found there is a rhythm and grace when I lean on God to help me parent. And there is a definite lack of rhythm and grace when I try to do it on my own!

Let’s rely on God’s help and His grace today … and every day!

Speak it!: God, today I intentionally receive Your grace, from your throne of grace! I receive your ability, strength, wisdom, and joy. I rest in you! I lean on your voice and follow your lead as I parent today. I believe there will be a rhythm of Your grace working in my life today!


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