SPEAK IT!: We always have more than enough

21 May

There are diapers, daycare, baby food, toys, clothes, babysitters, and the list goes on! It ain’t cheap to raise a kid! And when it seems that money is “tight”, it is good to remember that God promises that those who trust in Him will have more than enough!

What has your confession been about your family’s finances lately?

Do you believe that God will provide more than enough for your family, and are your words lining up with that belief?

I know in my own life it is easy to let my words just be reactionary to a current situation, instead of having my words being intentionally in line with the truth of what God’s Word says. Sometimes it is easy to say things like, “Wow, we are really tight this month”, “I don’t know how it is going to work financially”, or even “We never have enough” or “I don’t see how our financial situation can get any better”. However, God’s Word have much better things to say about our finances.

The first half of Psalm 37 talks about the benefits of those who trust in the Lord. Listed in this chapter are many promises about needs being met.

Those who trust the in the Lord….

vs.1 “live safely in the land and prosper” vs,4 “He will give you your hearts desire” vs. 9,11 “will possess the land and live in peace and prosperity” vs. 17 “the Lord takes care of the godly” vs. 19 “even in famine they will have more than enough” vs. 23 ” He delights in every detail of their lives” vs. 25 “never abandoned and children are never begging for bread”

So today, do you trust the Lord to always provide more than enough for your family, even in famine? And are your words lining up that belief?

SPEAK IT! My family always has more than enough! God is causing our family to live in peace and prosperity. God delights in every detail of my life, of my spouse’s life, and our kids lives. God always meets all of our needs and our kids are never in lack, or begging for bread. The financial future of our family is bright, prosperous, and blessed!


One Response to “SPEAK IT!: We always have more than enough”

  1. Michelle May 22, 2012 at 1:17 am #

    Pastor Erica,

    What a great message you had. It is so amazing how God is showing you the same things that I have been reading over the last week or so. As I was reading this I thought this all sounds like something I have read. So I looked in my bible and I had almost all of the same scriptures highlighted. God is so amazing and what perfect timing again for the words you have shared. Thank you for that you are doing to make this happen.

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