SPEAK IT!: “favored” is my children’s middle name

28 May

God says that he will surround our children with His favor like a shield! That means that everywhere our children go and in everything they do – God’s favor (goodwill, pleasure, delight, and acceptance) goes before them. God’s “favor shield” bumps into situations and people first, paving the way for your child’s blessed life.

Psalm 5:12 does not say, “I will sprinkle favor on your life every now and then”. It does not say, “you have to be perfect and jump through all these spiritual hoops to receive my favor.” No, God’s favor is a continual reality in your child’s life. And the scripture says that it surrounds or is all around your child – front, back, and sides!

When we think about our child’s current situation, and when we think about our child’s future, we need to be confident in this truth – that “favored” is our children’s middle name! God’s favor surrounds them all the days of their life and in everything that they do!

SPEAK IT!: God’s favor surrounds my children like a shield. In every situation and in every season, God’s favor is undeniably evident in my children’s lives. Favored at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, on the job, financially, with friendships and relationships… God’s favor surrounds them.


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