{Serenade} sing over me

30 May

Did you know that God sings over us? Zephaniah 3:17 talks about how God is in our midst and how He rejoices over us with singing. Has someone ever sang to you or serenaded you … did it make you feel like a million bucks?! Now imagine God singing over you. With a big grin and a happy heart, God rejoicing over you with song. Wow, what a cool visual!

What about your children, have you taken time to sing over or sing with your child lately? Especially worship songs?

My husband and I have gotten in the habit of singing the simple “Jesus loves you” song to our daughter every night before bed. We will sing, and rock, and hum, and make melody in our heart to the Lord while she is in our lap or our arms. It is amazing how quickly the atmosphere the room changes when we choose to sing worship songs or songs songs about Jesus. Instantly, both us and our children can recognize the presence of God in the room, and God touches our children in a powerful way.

The Holy Spirit can minister to our children in ways that we can not fathom, when we take moments to sing over our child and invite His presence into the room. Let’s be intentional to sing over our children this week!

Pray it!: Lord, thank-you for rejoicing over me with singing. Thank-you for your presence and for your Holy Spirit. As I an intentional to sing worship songs over my child, I know that your presence will fall, and that you will minister to my child in a special and loving way. I love you Lord and I worship you from my heart. Amen.


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