the practice of togetherness

5 Jun

The rule of togetherness: the more you are with someone the more you get to know them.

God created us for fellowship with both HIM and OTHERS. When Jesus called the disciples he called them first to be WITH him. The purpose of fellowship and togetherness is the end result of relationship. In our busy lives of go, rush, and achieve, sometimes the practice of togetherness is abandoned.

We might be in a room full of people but not really be “together” … because we are all more engaged with our phone, TV, or computer. We can live in the same home as our spouse and children, but we have to be intentional about being together with them. We can think about God, go to Church,and even serve God, but miss genuine togetherness with Him.

So, today I ask myself… and encourage you to ask yourself…

1. Are you being intentional about being together with God? (not thinking about God or serving Him, but just being with Him and talking to Him, and reading His Word)

2. Are you investing into the togetherness of you and your spouse? (are you intentional about making quality time for just the two of you?)

3. Are you making the most of every moment you have with your children? Are you “all there” when you are with your children?

Pray it! Lord, help me today to be more intentional about the practice of togetherness. I love you and desire to have more quality time with you. Help me also to recognize opportunities to embrace the moments with the people in my life – especially my spouse and children.


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