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How to Pray: When there is too much to pray for

8 Dec

how to pray

“I hope I am doing this right” – the heart cry of every parent.

We all want our kids to have the best life possible. We want them to have good friends, stay out of trouble, be healthy, find a loving spouse, be successful, have character/integrity…. and the list goes on.

With the future so unknown and with so much that we could fear  – we all find ourselves on our knees frequently just praying “God help me”.

We frantically try to pray for everything we might ever need to pray for our children.

Our prayers might go something like this…

Oh Lord…

  • May my kid know his/her worth.. May they know they are loved.
  • Protect my kid from danger and from situations that would cause them harm..
  • Godly friends and good influences in school, good teachers, good grades…
  • Help my kid have a relationship with You and desire to live right.
  • My kid’s future spouse and future kids…bless them
  • Help my kid be influential and leader for his/her generation.
  • Strengthen my kid to make good decisions….
  • …. Oh, Lord…. just help!

All of these prayers are good, and beneficial, and necessary, and I pray all these same prayers too… but I have found comfort in one prayer that I pray for my kids everyday… and this prayer seems to cover most all the other prayers…

Lord, may my kids know You, know Your voice, and obey Your voice.”

I can not possibly pray for every situation my child may encounter – but if my child knows God, knows His voice, and obeys His voice… I can trust that God will gently lead and guide my child through all the seasons of life.

John 10:14,27

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me …. My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

This scripture/prayer is such a great promise to stand on for our kids.

This scripture promises Christians that:

  1. God knows our kids
  2. Our kids know God
  3. Our kids hear/listen to God’s voice
  4. Our kids obey/follow God’s voice.

All the other specific prayers great and necessary. However, I have found peace exerting most of my prayer energy on a daily basis to this simple prayer: “Lord, may my kids know You, know Your voice, and obey Your voice.”

Speak it: God, I believe that Your Word says that as Christians we know You, know Your voice, and follow Your voice. Lord, I pray and believe that from a very young age all of my children will know you, know your voice, and obey your voice. In Jesus Name, Amen.


If we prayed…

12 Sep

Lately, I have had quite a stirring for prayer…. prayer for myself, for my family, for my friends, students, church, our nation…

If we are not careful, we can get funky in our thoughts about prayer. When we are worn out, stressed and tired, praying for anything other than grace seems like “work”. If we are not careful prayer can begin to feel like a dreaded “religious” activity…

I am reminded today of 2 Chronicles 7:14

IF my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

Numerous times throughout scripture we see strong cause/effect relationships when it comes to our decision to pray… or not to pray…

In Psalm 106:23, we see that because Moses decided to stand in the gap through prayer, destruction did not come on God’s people. Then in Ezekiel 22:30 we see that because no one decided to stand in the gap to pray…the land was destroyed.

Parents, get stirred up today to pray for your children. Because of your prayers their future will be different. Pray throughout the day, pray while you are driving, pray with your kids, pray with your spouse. Get stirred up to pray without ceasing. Stand in the gap through prayer for your children!

Pray for their future. Pray for their friends. Pray for their spouses. Pray about their relationship with God. Pray for favor. Pray for protection. Pray for their strength and endurance. Pray, pray, pray. Cover your children’s life with prayer – their life will never be the same because of it!

Pray it!: Lord, I believe your Word, and I believe that there are powerful results as a result of my faith-filled prayers. Today, I choose to pray more…especially for my children. Today, I pray from my heart for my children’s lives and futures. Lord, bless my children, cause your favor to surround them. Strengthen them, grace them, anoint them. May they draw closer to You and know Your voice and love Your Word…. I love you, Lord. 

{Serenade} sing over me

30 May

Did you know that God sings over us? Zephaniah 3:17 talks about how God is in our midst and how He rejoices over us with singing. Has someone ever sang to you or serenaded you … did it make you feel like a million bucks?! Now imagine God singing over you. With a big grin and a happy heart, God rejoicing over you with song. Wow, what a cool visual!

What about your children, have you taken time to sing over or sing with your child lately? Especially worship songs?

My husband and I have gotten in the habit of singing the simple “Jesus loves you” song to our daughter every night before bed. We will sing, and rock, and hum, and make melody in our heart to the Lord while she is in our lap or our arms. It is amazing how quickly the atmosphere the room changes when we choose to sing worship songs or songs songs about Jesus. Instantly, both us and our children can recognize the presence of God in the room, and God touches our children in a powerful way.

The Holy Spirit can minister to our children in ways that we can not fathom, when we take moments to sing over our child and invite His presence into the room. Let’s be intentional to sing over our children this week!

Pray it!: Lord, thank-you for rejoicing over me with singing. Thank-you for your presence and for your Holy Spirit. As I an intentional to sing worship songs over my child, I know that your presence will fall, and that you will minister to my child in a special and loving way. I love you Lord and I worship you from my heart. Amen.

Pray it!: for your children’s friends

16 May

The Bible talks a lot about friendship. Proverbs 27 talks about the power that Godly friendships have to make us better people. Good friends sharpen us and make us better people. I don’t know about you but I want my children to have Proverbs 27:17 type friends!

Have you prayed for your children’s current and future friends recently?

It goes without saying that our children’s friends will have an influence on our children’s lives. Proverbs 13:20 talk about how we become like those we are around. When we hang around the wise, we get wiser. When we hang around fools, we get in trouble!

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. Proverbs 13:20 NLT

Let’s be reminded today to frequently lift up our children’s current and future friends in prayer. Pray for those God-knit friendships, maybe before they are even formed!

Pray it! Lord, today I lift up my children’s current and future friends. I desire that my children have friends that not only bring them great joy and fellowship, but also strengthen their relationship with You and sharpen them into the person you created them to be. Lord, touch the heart of my children’s future friends. May they know You and Your voice, and endeavor to please you in all things. Strengthen, grace, and anoint these future friends to be all that you have called them to be. Give my children wisdom and direction when they choose their friends. Thank-you for sending God-knit friendships to my children. I love you, Lord. Amen.

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