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Motherhood: Did I sign-up for this?

6 Oct

Me? a mom?

I remember at the very end of my pregnancy with Ella, I had an interesting revelation.

I realized this: “I have always wanted to have kids… but I did not necessarily always want to be a ‘mom'”

It was at the end of my pregnancy with Ella that all the sudden my pregnant belly was drawing attention from a different crowd … and my identity was quickly shifting from a 20-something young professional …. to a “prego”!

You might be thinking, “having kids” and “being a mom” are the same thing. But somehow in my mind they were two very different things. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted kids – that was never a question. But, being a “mom” was a whole notha thing!

Any other young mom can understand what I am saying here. There is a big identity shift that happens when you go from being a young married woman or a young working professional to being a “mom”. Your entire life flips upside down and your entire identity shifts in what seems overnight.

You used to go out for coffee with friends frequently, get your nails done, and exercise whenever you wanted. Now as a mom, your hair is rarely fully done, a long shower feels like the spa, and you have to find a babysitter to exercise!!

Honestly, looking back  on my daughter’s first year of life – I think I had a mini (big) identity crisis. Because of the way I am wired, I get energized by accomplishing/achieving things … moving the “ball” down the court of life. So, when I cut my hours at work, lost “titles”, and slowed down my pace to be home with my baby a couple days a week… I had to redefine and revalue the things that filled my days.

When this transition into motherhood peaked, I thought …  “Lord, help!”. I realized I needed to find significance, purpose, and value in my new role as a mom and embrace the new sacrifices of that role.

To deal with this identity crisis, I had to find a scripture to stand on to base my identity (to be a target) in my new role as a new mom, and Psalm 113:19 hit home for me.

Psalm 113:9 – Like a joyful mother of children

Once I embraced that fact that I indeed was a “mom”, I wanted to make sure that when my kids were old and moved away from home that I could look back on my life as a mom and say that it was a joyful time…. that I fully embraced it and was joyful in the midst of it!

As moms, I do not think any of us knew exactly what we were signing up for. But when motherhood is embraced, it is indeed one of God’s most priceless and tender gifts.

Speak it!: Lord, I embrace the gift of motherhood. Help me to be a joyful mother of children. Help me to see the joy, humor, and blessing in every moment as a mom. I love you, Lord!

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